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Fixed Cable Type 2  3.7KW- 22KW
Fixed Cable Type 2 3.7KW- 22KW
Code: GLBDC-T222FC

DC Leakage Control Built In
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For charging at home or the workplace, a Wall Mounted charger is the most common option. With Garo’s GLB Charger, a hybrid EV can be fully charged in around 3 hours, and a pure electric EV in around 6 hours.

Standard Features:

A unique Dynamic Load Balancing function ensures that the installation’s main protective device is safeguarded by the EV charging station. As the power demands of your electricity system alter the charger will respond accordingly, telling the EV to reduce or stop charging when power usage is high in your system, and to increase when your overall electricity have slowed reduced.

The motorised interlock prevents the vehicle owner’s lead from a locked in position. In the event of a power cut, the inbuilt power reserve will also remove the interlock, allowing the user to disconnect and drive.

An input for low tariff or night rate charging allows the user to plug their car in at any time, but charging will only take place at times that are specified by the user, such as low tariff / night rates.


Wifi allows the user to monitor the charger from their computer/smart phone. The user can set up multiple parameters for charging, billing etc. Software updates are automatically distributed.

RFID access control makes the EV charger more secure. Any user must have an RFID tag to activate the charger. This feature can be incorporated with the billing system.

Cloud Based Billing Solutions with the option to install up to 32 x chargers under the control of one master charger.

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